Hmmm…fact or fiction?

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Happy Spring! Hope everyone is as excited as I am to experience Spring-time weather. For me, the weather transition means more cardio exercise outside rather than inside. Yipee! 🙂

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Want to know the pros/cons of running on the treadmill vs. running outside? Click here!

For today’s fitness post, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and test you fitness-know-it-alls with a quiz! So grab a pen and paper, and no cheating — don’t scroll down until you’re done!

Fact or Fiction? Fitness Quiz:

1. Cardio burns more calories than strength training.
2. You can reduce cellulite through exercise.
3. Crunches are your best move to target your abs.
4. Exercise immediately increases your ability to learn.
5. The morning is the best time of day to exercise.
6. Running a marathon increases your risk of a heart attack.
7. Lift weights quickly to increase the burn.
8. Stretch before you run.
9. Skinny people are always healthier than overweight people.





And the answers are….

1. FICTION! By building up muscle and boosting your metabolism, you will increase your fat-burning potential long after you leave the gym.
2. FACT! Exercise can help reduce the appearance of those puckering bulges. According to Wayne Westcott, Ph.D, author of No More Cellulite, “Strength training can play a major role to tone that muscle and get the firm foundation back.
3. FICTION! Most women are using their hip flexors without engaging much of their core.
4. FACT! Sounds crazy, but this is so true. According to a study at the University of Muenster in Germany, participants who ran sprints learned new words 20 percent faster than those who did nothing.
5. FICTION! Try the late afternoon. Because muscle strength and body temperature peak between four and six p.m., you are able to work out harder with less effort.
6. FACT! Unfortunately, a May 2009 study from Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Hospital and the University of Manitoba confirmed marathons cause short-term injury to heart.  Thankfully there seems to be no lasting damage or long term effects.
7. FICTION! If you do, you’ll increase your risk of injury. Also, chances are you’re using less muscle because of the momentum. To get the best workout, go sloooowwww.
8. FICTION! Start with a warm-up run for a few minutes. Then perform static stretches held for 30 seconds to a minute.
9. FICTION! Heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol are measurements for health, not just one’s weight. Overweight-but-active is better than thin-but-inactive any day!

So how’d you do? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

**As for the weekly challenge, I haven’t been doing so well. (Oops!) During the week, I’m pretty good at consuming lots of water, thanks to my camelbak water bottle that I bring everywhere! I tend to slack a bit on the weekends, so I’m getting back on track today! Have you had your water yet today?!

Hope your week is off to a good start, and remember to keep drinkin’ that H2O!


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  1. good point for the “spring” challenge 🙂

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