Time to get that beach bod

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Hey guys, hope you’ve been enjoying the wave of warm weather as spring approaches!  With temperatures rising and everybody starting to think about getting that beach bod I decided that this week’s workout will be shoulders and abs.  Abs are a workout that everybody can get into because It’s what people stress the most about when trying to get that perfect body.  But here’s a tip, doing just ab workouts is not enough to get a six pack (as hopefully most of you know).  It takes cardio, lifting and diet in addition to ab exercises to get that washboard stomach.  You gotta erase that layer of fat on your tummy so your abs can show!  Lifting is a good way to boost your metabolism and it will help you burn more fat and calories.

So why do shoulders and abs on the same day?  Shoulders are often not worked out as much as they should be, and they are the link for the arm to the back and the chest, so its very important to have strong shoulders.  There are only a few shoulder exercises that I really like so I condense shoulders and abs into one day for a quick, feel good workout.  If you’re working out at home I suggest buying a couple of dumbbells that you can use for multiple workouts (to save money!) or buying a set of dyna bands.  Dyna bands are cheap and available at your local sports store or you can get them online.

Cuban press to warm up (shown below courtesy of health24.com) – 15 reps

Military Press – 3×12

Front lateral raises – 3×12

Side lateral raises – 3×12

For abs, I like to change my routine so I can maintain muscle shock in my stomach muscles. Right now Im doing Mag 7 Abs, a routine I found on bodybuilding.com.  It left me nice and sore the next day, so I know I’m on my way to looking good for the summer.  Click here for the routine! This page is very helpful for those of you who don’t know the exercises.  It has written directions and if you click on the exercise it even has a video that shows you how to do it. And as usual its always good to get a little cardio in after a lift if you have the time!

Give this workout a try and let me know what you think!


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