Backsies (Back) and Bicycles (Biceps)

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Hey guys David here! Hope you’re ready to get your arms and back burning because today’s workout is back and biceps.  This one requires a gym so if you don’t have a membership, ask a friend who does to take you as a guest (in return you give them this stellar workout)!  I like to work out back and biceps on the same day because lots of back exercises naturally work out the biceps as well, so why not condense the work!?  When doing back exercises, there are a variety of grips that change the specific muscles being worked.  In general, the farther away your arms are from your body, the more you will be working the muscles on the outside of your back, such as your latissimus dorsi and teres major.  The closer your arms/hands are to the center of your body, the more you will be working the muscle groups in the center of your back, such as the rhomboids or trapezius.  There is also overhand (palms facing away from you) and underhand grips (palms facing towards you), which target different muscles as well.  Doing all of these grips in one work out would ruin the time efficiency of the work out, so I like to change grips every time I do the work out.

As usual it’s always important to get a good stretch in, but stretching your back isn’t like stretching your legs or arms, it’s not as easy to do or feel.  What I always do is some light weight reps of pull downs to get the muscle warmed up.  Then I do what is called a fixed bar back stretch, its easy and a good way to stretch out most of your back.

Now that we’re stretched and ready to go, here’s the workout:

Start with wide grip pull ups – 3 sets of at least 8

Wide-grip lat pull down (a closer grip works different muscles, especially if you do it underhand) – 3×12

Back Extension (use your lower back, not hamstrings!) – 3×12

(courtesy of





One-armed bent over row – 3×12

Back flys – 3×12

Two handed bent over row – 3×12

(courtesy of





Shoulder shrugs – 3×12

Upright rows – 3×12

(courtesy of










Bicep curls:

Hammer curls – 3×12

(courtesy of






Concentration curls (one arm at a time) – 3×12

Reverse curls – 3×12

So there you have it.  I like to do this work out two exercises at a time, alternating the sets until I’ve done all three.  This usually takes me around an hour and leaves me feeling healthy and sore the next day.  Give it a whirl and tell me what you think!

P.S.- keep up with our weekly challenges on the weekly wellness page! Last night I logged only 7 1/2 hours of sleep but I did this work out to get my physical activity in for the day.  And of course I’m always trying to drink lots of water!



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