Shrimp and Spring Fever!

April 1, 2011 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Eats | 2 Comments

Hi everyone!  So, we’ve been feeling some spring fever lately–especially because the temperature has drastically decreased and the sky is dreary and gray!  😦   In light of this, my housemates decided to splurge on a summer-inspired dish: SHRIMP!

They had a blast cooking together, listening to music, and beating the cold-weather blues! Here’s Becca:

You can savor the summer shrimp flavor too!  A 52-count frozen shrimp (already cleaned & deveined) was about $5.  They sauteed half with low-calorie butter and Mrs. Dash’s Garlic & Herb (salt-free!) and the other half with vegetable oil and McCormick’s Perfect Pinch Cajun. (Available salt-free!)  A pound of shrimp takes about 3 minutes to cook.  Serve over your favorite whole wheat pasta and you’ve got an easy and delicious meal!

Weekly Wellness: Oooh goodness–this one is definitely a challenge for me! I’m busy during the day so I love unwinding with the girls at night. I’m such a night owl that it’s hard to force myself to go to sleep early enough.  I regret it in the morning though!  For the past 2 nights, I have disciplined myself to for 8 hours per night!  I hope I can keep it up!!




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  1. Hey that’s me!! i was one of those housemates!! haha!! and yes they were super easy to make and oh so delicious!! i definitely want to do it again sometime and try some other types of seasonings just to mix it up!!!

    • Thanks Meredith! Let us know what recipes you want us to try! 🙂

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