Mixing up the motion: Making the most out of your workout

April 4, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Okay, so if you’re going to dedicate 45 minutes of your day to working-out, why not benefit the most from it? Who wouldn’t want to burn twice the amount of calories in one workout? How, you may be asking?  The answer: interval training.  Improved endurance, increased fat burn and enhanced weight loss results are just some of the advantages interval training reaps. Even better news? Whichever type of fitness you prefer, interval training can be practiced.


Photo from New York Times

How do you start an interval routine? Erin Kurdyla, a contributing writer for Self Magazine explains. To see her article in full, click here. Long story short, crank up your cardio routine by increasing the intensity. For example, if you usually jog on the treadmill at a “6” pace, go at an “8” for a minute, then rest by jogging for a minute at a slower pace of “4.” Once you feel rested, complete the process again, repeating for about 15-20 minutes. To finish up, jog at your cool-down pace for 5 minutes.


Simple enough, right? Try it out during your next workout and share what you think! Remember, this can be done on the bike, stairstepper, elliptical or treadmill. Even if you’re a walker, you can incorporate interval training by alternating jogging and walking!


**I’m proud to admit I’m drinking water and exercising everyday. To start my day off right, I usually drink a glass of water while getting ready in the morning. Not only am I getting in a glass of water early in the day, it also helps to wake me up! 🙂 Because I have  papers, tests and Greeksing practice every night this week, I’ll be lacking on my sleep. Luckily I incorporated a full eight hours both weekend nights! Considering I’ll be on-the-go this week and grabbing food from JMU’s dining halls, week four’s challenge might present problems. I’ll keep you posted!



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