It’s a Wrap!

April 13, 2011 at 12:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Wraps are an easy, healthy and fun spin on your usual meal staples. Unfortunately, wraps can also be totally deceiving when you don’t pay close enough attention to ingredients.

Here on campus, we have the choice of Whole Wheat, Spinach or Sundried Tomato wraps for our sandwiches. Thinking that the wrap is the healthier option, many people chose these over a bagel. Want to know the tricky part? The wraps weigh in at over 300 calories with 8 grams of fat, while the bagels weigh in around 250 calories with an average 2 grams of fat. And that’s just the bread!


The same goes for many other restaurant or fast food locations. If you’re trying to stick to healthier fare and don’t have ready access to nutritional information, you might as well go with slices of whole wheat bread to play it safe. Make your sandwich exactly how you’d make a healthy salad: lots of vegetables, go easy on the cheese and stay away from thick, creamy dressings.

If you have the time and enjoy eating wraps, make them for yourself. Flatout Flatbread wraps are available at most supermarkets and in bulk at Costco. Worried you won’t eat them in time? Freeze them and only defrost one at a time (less than a minute in the microwave). Wraps don’t have to be just for lunch sandwiches, check out the breakfast I put together this morning:

grilled bananas

Tortilla "french toast": Wheat tortilla, egg white, stevia & cinnamon

Wrapped with peanut butter=Gooey Deliciousness

Happy Wrapping!

Things to do:

Curious about your other campus or restaurant favorites? Check out the nutritional information on their website in your spare time! If you go to JMU, here’s the link.

Weekly Wellness Update:

Woke up after 8 hours of sleep and this morning I’ve already hit the gym, ate fruit with my breakfast (above) and downed 24 oz. of water. My “me” time today? Planning on giving myself a manicure.



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  1. Thanks for the nutritional info on wraps Amy! Because I have a meal plan, I’m always eating lunch of campus…frequently ordering sandwich wraps! Next time I’ll stick to wheat bread.

  2. YUM!

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