Not Into the Gym?

April 16, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Happy weekend!!

Good news–even if you’re not interested in working out or going to the gym, you can still be healthy in a fun, convenient, and cheap way!  There are actually lots of ways, but today I want to share with you something I’ve been doing  with new friends on Thursday nights…

Intramural indoor soccer! I played soccer for 12 years growing up and I really miss it.  Even though it’s taken me the past 2.5 years to get the guts, playing this semester has allowed me to make new friends, re-visit soccer, and of course get a great workout in!  If you love the competition like I do, it’s easy to forget you’re exercising!

JMU has a fantastic intramural sports selection, all with different competition levels within each sport.  If you’re not at JMU, I encourage you to look at the recreation website at your university in order to further check them out!

How do you exercise outside of the gym?

I love this week’s challenge!  Over the past year/semester, I have definitely learned the importance of slowing down.  I spend time each day (usually my mornings) journaling and meditating on the Bible.   This allows me to be still and realize that even though I might be stressed or worried, He still loves me and has everything in His hands.  Taking some time to just rest in these truths each day makes such a difference 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Go outside for some Vitamin-D!



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