Egg-celent Easter Eating!

April 22, 2011 at 12:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
It’s Easter weekend!  I have a lot on my plate (no pun intended!) with Finals coming up, so I’m looking forward to a weekend away with some of my family!  Family get togethers definitely mean family meals!  Even if it’s hard to control what’s being cooked for you, you don’t have to feel guilty!
Here’s some healthy tips for meals together:
Watch your dressings and condiments.  Having ham or turkey?  Don’t indulge on gravy or thick sauce–pair with a flavorful side instead.  Starchy side?  Practice portion control. And don’t add extra butter or oil.  Egg and cheese brunch?  Have more whites than yolks. 
Overload on in-season fruits and veggies. Springtime fare is lighter and more flavorful–often without heavy dressings and add-ons.  Check out Hungry-Girl’s suggestions for incorporating some fresh fruits and veggies:
-Be choosey. Eating out?  You’re paying for your food, so don’t shy away from asking for items sauce-free, without butter, or with dressing on the side.  If you have a hard time avoiding the complimentary bread or sharing an appetizer, either have just one serving (on a plate!) or remind yourself of your health and wellness goals so you don’t overindulge.
-Ask for a healthier option.  If you’re friendly with the cook, suggest some lighter Easter fare from Eating Well. As long as you give him or her sufficient notice, it is perfectly okay to ask for a healthier alternative within the meal!  For example, ask for some Roasted Asaparagus.  It’s extremely easy and budget-friendly too!  
And this week’s Weekly Wellness challenge is exciting, because I love breakfast!  This morning, I had Fiber One cereal with skim milk and a 100-calorie can V8 Fruit Fusion This also reminds me of my favorite blogs to follow for wholesome breakfast recipes!—> The Fitnessista &  Kath Eats Real Food!
Enjoy your Easter and eat healthy! 

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