Latte wishes and Frappuccino dreams

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Spring deadlines are crashing down around us, pressures building and we’re more strapped for time than we were before. Sound familiar? Specifically, I’m talking about the final weeks of the semester. Although the cause of your anxiety might be different from ours, the effects are often the same.

While wellnessU in no way encourages slacking on sleep hours (see our post about proper zzz’s here), sometimes there’s just no way to fit everything in despite our best intentions. Earlier this week, our very own Chelsea created a poll asking all of us how we get our extra energy for finals week, whether you’re having late nights, early mornings or a combination of the two. The majority of you selected Coffee as your go to for a quick caffeine fix, read on for the “do’s” and “don’ts” of healthy coffee consumption

Java City @ Market One

Java City at Market One

Coffee can actually be good for you, as regular coffee has little ingredients and very little calories, fat or sugar. The danger in coffee is when you start getting fancy (latte’s, fraps, capps, etc.). Instead of looking at flavored coffee beverages as your caffeine fix, realize that many of these should actually be put in the dessert category. Above that, plain coffee runs anywhere from .99 to $2.00 while your flavored addiction can turn your Starbucks into Sixbucks (and let’s face it, who has the money to support that kind of habit?).

Coffee tips:

  • Stay away from flavored syrups (if necessary, use the sugar free variety)
  • Favor skim milk over whole milk or cream (soy or rice milk if you’re vegan or just enjoy the taste)
  • If you insist on ordering a flavored drink, go with the smallest size possible. Usually the smaller size has all the caffeine you’ll need.
  • Carry around packets of your favorite natural, low calorie sweetener such as stevia or agave (also comes in handy for teas and lemonade too).
  • Be familiar with the nutritional stats at your local coffee joint. Finding out that your favorite drink is a diet bomb doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye, just think of it as a treat from now on.
Popular coffee company nutrition:

Weekly Wellness Update:

Breaking bad habits doesn’t have feel like work. I’m actually using this week to make more of an effort to have fun. As bad as it seems to make it my challenge for this week, with all the stress of the end of the year, it’s definitely something that needs conscious effort! 


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