Wellness who?

Hi everyone– Chelsea, Emily, Amelia, Loren and David here!  We are wellnessU, and we believe that living a healthy lifestyle as a college-aged young adult is not only possible, but fun, convenient, and cheap!  On this blog, we’ll show you how as we share our lives with you and pursue personal wellness.Every week, we’ll give you updates on easy and effective workouts for guys and girls, healthy cooking for individuals and groups, on-the-go nutrition, group fitness tips, and more.  But wait, our name is wellnessU.  Aren’t we forgetting something or someone?

That’s right–we are not complete without you!  As we share with you, we invite you to share with us!  We want to know how you live a convenient, healthy lifestyle too.  Share your feedback, recommendations, tips, questions, pictures, etc.  We can’t wait to build a relationship with you!


Amelia has a clear passion for health and nutrition. She believes that living a busy lifestyle is no excuse for poor health choices. Because of this, she is constantly discovering new ways to stay active and nourish the body regardless of circumstance. She enjoys exercising outdoors with friends and as a hiking enthusiast, feels lucky to live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, surrounded by mountains and breathtaking views. Amelia is excited to experiment with various health choices in order to share her knowledge and passion with the wellnessU community.

When not busy volunteering in the community or participating in her sorority, 21-year-old Loren E. Douty enjoys clearing her head by working out.  With a passion for living out a healthy lifestyle, Douty visits her campus gym at least three times per week. Because the busy college lifestyle may present challenges for maintaining a workout routine, Douty will focus on highlighting quick and efficient workouts for young women.  As a daily blog surfer, Douty loves adopting new and well-recommended work out tips, constantly aiming to maintain fun workouts. Varying her workouts, Douty prefers biking, running, walking and weight training.

David Weber is a young, active person who enjoys working out and playing on his club lacrosse team.  Being in college David is naturally short on time so he appreciates having quick, efficient work outs so he can get his school work done.  He also loves to eat and likes to eat healthy so he can manage his weight.

Emily Simpkins is a newly aspiring nutritionist, inspired by the Food Network and what she can scrape out of her refrigerator.  She moved into an apartment this year and is now enjoying the newfound ability to cook.  She likes to find easy, healthy recipes that fit into her tight budget and schedule.  She can’t wait to share her easy recipes with the readers of wellnessU.

Chelsea Custer is enthusiastic about the pursuit of fitness and nutrition, believing it can be an achievable lifestyle for the college student.  She enjoys finding new and creative ways to pursue wellness in all aspects of her busy, (yet exciting!) life.   In her opinion, “Life is a gift, so receive and live it well!” Therefore, she loves to pursue her two greatest passions–God and people– by being active, trying healthy recipes, and eating and cooking in the company of friends.

*All contributing authors are communication students at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. They are pursuing degrees in Public Relations while staying active both within their University and within their personal lives. Readers are welcome to contact any of the contributers via their blog email: gowellnessu@gmail.com



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  1. Greetings AMELIA from your Aunt Cindy! You guys are doing a great job with the website. I have signed up so I can get your info which I am sure will be helpful for me getting ready for my WEDDING in October! Got to look good in the dress (which, Amy, I’m getting in the slate blue, not the lavender). At this point I am going to the Y 3 times a week–once for cardio/pilates, once for just pilates, and once for yoga, plus belly dance class on the weekend (two hours which includes pilates warm-up). So, I am pretty impressed with myself but I need to increase the cardio. I like your healthy recipes–I will try some of them out. Good luck!

    • So glad you’re following!! Hopefully some of this will help you out, let us know if you’d like us to post something in particular. I must say I’m jealous of all your pilates, it’s such an amazing workout for creating a long and lean muscle look. As for the dress, I’m glad it’s the slate! Not only will it look phenomenal but Grandma is probably happy that lavender is now an option for herself-she loves her purple hues.

  2. Greetings Amelia from your mother. I enjoy the interesting recipes your group continues to post. Hopefully your site will inspire college age students (perhaps even their parents!) to make time for themselves and to make exercise part of their normal daily routine. College students are normally more active than other adults, so you want to encourage them to continue with an exercise plan into their post college days so that all that muscle doesn’t turn into fat by the time they reach middle age.
    When I was thirteen I began my daily exercise routine. It has evolved throughout the years, from running to biking to aerobic and weight workouts.
    As you mention, there are many ways to get moving and stay healthy. A healthy lifestyle is about making thoughtful choices in our daily lives.
    Simple changes can make a difference. For example, instead of the elevator, take the stairs.
    Keep up the great work Wellness U!

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